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Hola! soy Arlette, de Costa Rica, Les contaré un poco acerca de mi, me encantan las manualidades, creo que eso fue debido a que mis dos abuelitas las hacían, y como era tan traviesa, fue una forma de mantenerme tranquila. Una de mis abuelitas Isabel, ya cumplió sus 102 años. Estudié Relaciones Públicas, soy soltera, sin hijos. Imaginense que triste sería la vida sin colores..., mis colores favoritos, son los colores tierra, aunque no tengo alguno en especial que me desagrade, a no ser por los colores chillones o fosforecentes, creo que no "soy compatible" con ellos. Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo y visitar mi blog, me gustaría tener muchas amigas!!!. I'm Arlette from Costa Rica, I'll tell you a bit about myself, I love to make crafts. I studied Public Relations, I'm single and don't have kids My fave colours are the brown shades, although I don't dislike any. Thank you for stoping by, please leave me a comment that way I'll know you been here and I'd like to have lots of friends!

jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

Debbie from the blog Jerusalem Notes's having a nice give away, check her out and find out what's she giving away. I won't tell, because I like it for me!

Wish everyone a Happy New Year
, plenty of Happiness, Health, Love and Peace..., and I hope all your wishes for 2010 will happen!!!

Les deseo a tod@s un Feliz Año Nuevo, lleno de Felicidad, Salud, Amor y Paz..., y que todos los sueños que tienen para el 2010 se vuelvan realidad!!!

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

When I think in my favorite Christmas memories, my sweet grandpa is always there. He always made for his grandkids a homemade gift for each one. We always got some of this: wooden cars ( I know I’m a girl, but he or my parents didn’t matter, and me either), dolls (you can’t imagine how they were), wooden boxes, puzzles, chairs, puppets, etc, he used to put our names and the year he made the craft, none of us "grandkids" have anything from him, but me!. One christmas he changed his mind and he gave to his sons and daughters a cute drawer, (8 total) he painted all of them, then when I saw how cute they were, I asked him to give one to me, I was ready to get a no for response, instead I saw a bright smile in his face and he said sure!, I was really happy, but I'm not afraid to say when he gave the drawer to me, his smile was brighter!, he was really proud of himself, because he made that to me!. I also have a letter from him, and he called me there "daughter", dang!, I don't want to cry, but I'm tearing, lol. Just after that christmas he started to feel really tired and then he got ill.

He was 93 years old, when he passed away, my grandma’s (his widow) with us!, she’s going to turn 101 years old next January!!!. I miss him, terribly, but I’m surely know he’s in the best place right now. He was the best and sweet grandpa I could have!, he'll live forever in my heart. Every christmas I remember him because it was his fave holiday, he used to play and have fun with us, and since he left us I put a candle in his honour, same as the light he put in my life, also I'd like to be busy this holidays working on quilts, I'm sure if he was able to be here, he'll enjoying to make them, with me same as I do enjoy to make them!.

Edit: Sorry for the blurry pic, I'm going to post some pictures later on, in that time we didn't have digital cameras, just paper pictures, lol

lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

I'm working in an apliqued christmas quilt, I need to rush to finish it for christmas, I know I can do it!. I already did the "worst" part:-the applique-, lol. It consists in 9 christmas blocks, it's all decorated with ribbons, buttons, bells, etc. I'll take a closer shoot when's finished.
Christmas' my fave time of the year, we don't have a "white christmas" as many as you do. Ours, is sunny and windy, not too hot or too cold, the weather's just nice, really nice...
We use to eat tamales, it's the typical food for christmas, but you can eat them all year long, the dessert is Queque de Navidad (Christmas Cake), it's a kind of fruitcake, with dehidrated fruits, raisins and rum (you can skip it), it's scrumptious!, hmmmmm.
Have you heard about the Virtual Christmas Quilt Show?, Sew Cal Gal's hosting a parade christmas quilting and having a giveaway, isn't it a great idea?, take a look at her blog, join in, it's worth it!

sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

I got two things on the mail, at the same time!, I'm guessing I'll have to buy lotto!, one was from Marj, her blog's Eclectic Quilter (I posted about it), in the p.o. box I found a paper I needed to go to the main post office and something was waiting for me there... I was waiting for it, to be honest, I was getting worried, but I had no idea, the paper was this, I was wondering who was and when I found out what was it, I almost jump in the post office, lol.
Can you guess what's in the box?, it isn't a contest, lol, my dad was holding it for the picture.
My prize from the Blog Hop finally arrived!, Santa came early to my way!!!!, I'm going to show you the prizes I got. The box was a bit damaged, (hope everything's there!), because the box was too heavy!!!, about 5.1 lbs of quilting supplies, can you believe it?, Still I can't, lol!, please someone pinch me!.

I decided to put the prizes in order, not all together, Gudrun sent me the package, and I asked her to sign the books she was going to send, and she did it!, isn't it cool from her? :), I'm going to have a forever memory from the Blog Hop!

Here's the fabrics, a kit, schnibbles, a cutter, threads, fat quarters, Heat n Bond...

Some of the fabulous patterns all of them have designed!!!!.

I can't explain how I'm feeling, I still can't believe it, there's a lot of things to see and I'm thrilled!!!, thanks to Gudrun and the gang...

Marj from the blog Eclectic Quilter sent me this, because she was making a contest, we needed to guess what was in one box of her, and I guessed it was a sewing machine!, yay! for me!!!!, her machine's gorgeous, if you like that kind of "toys", you need to check it out in her blog!.
You can see the goodies she sent to me, I took a picture to the brown fabric (the pic isn't showing the real colors), it's lovely!!!, I love brown fabrics!. I love everything in there, thank you very much Marj, for the package, you're really kind!!!! :). You'll see what I'm going to make!.
I've to say I got two things in the mail, blogger was misbehaving, and didn't allow me to post both on here, then I'm going to put another post.
I'm going to show you some pics of my latest projects, you saw a peek some time ago, and now I can say they're totally done!

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

My Brown Bag Studio's waiting for us, she's giving away some cute stuff!

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Crazy by Design's really crazy, go here and find it out why!

Me quilter's giving away a gorgeous quilt because is her anniversary