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Hola! soy Arlette, de Costa Rica, Les contaré un poco acerca de mi, me encantan las manualidades, creo que eso fue debido a que mis dos abuelitas las hacían, y como era tan traviesa, fue una forma de mantenerme tranquila. Una de mis abuelitas Isabel, ya cumplió sus 102 años. Estudié Relaciones Públicas, soy soltera, sin hijos. Imaginense que triste sería la vida sin colores..., mis colores favoritos, son los colores tierra, aunque no tengo alguno en especial que me desagrade, a no ser por los colores chillones o fosforecentes, creo que no "soy compatible" con ellos. Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo y visitar mi blog, me gustaría tener muchas amigas!!!. I'm Arlette from Costa Rica, I'll tell you a bit about myself, I love to make crafts. I studied Public Relations, I'm single and don't have kids My fave colours are the brown shades, although I don't dislike any. Thank you for stoping by, please leave me a comment that way I'll know you been here and I'd like to have lots of friends!

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

I'm back from a long break, I'm so sorry it took too long. I was busy and life got really trouble maker..., everything's getting to normal once again. I have been a busy bee with quilting, my curse already started and I'm all excited because our first project to do is a big quilt with blocks for my bed,I'll show you the pics tomorrow, I love the way they're turning!!!. My class is Quilting II.
The purpose of today post is: I'll show you some gifties I won over the past weeks, I'm showing them and let you know how kind that people are!!!, I like to do that because seems unfair to me, all the effort they made for send the stuff and not have pics displayed.
I got this beautiful angel thanks to Sweet Jeannette, her name's "Hope", I love the way she was made, Jeannette used tea for dying the cloth and laces, I have her hanging in one of the walls of my home, she looks so cute there. I'm an angel collector, I'm delighted with her because I didn't have a handmade angel yet!!!!, isn't she cute?
I have been guilty and I played along in One World, One Heart Giveaways. I have been lucky enough to win 4 of them, I already have 2 of the goodies I won, I'm avid expecting to get the other ones (from Deedra and Wendy), also I won in the past and I'm waiting to get some magazines from Hazel and other one from Rae Ann. I love to wear jewerelly, I wear mostly silver, but I love everything with stones on it. This bracelet has rose quartz and jasper, and was made for Quiltmom, I love the colors she used, did I say I love brown shades, she included a lovely card!, I know the pics aren't posted in the right way, I'll fix it later on, blogger's giving me a hard time!

Ms Kitty was made for Carrie, isn't she so cute?, it's made on paper clay, she's in a special spot in my home, she loves to live here, although we're having high temperatures and heat waves, but she doesn't complain at all. She's so damn cute, believe me, colors don't make justice with her!!!
Well last but no least, I got this big box from Jennifer from Feathers in the Nest, she's a really talented lady who loves to cross stitch, she's really fast working on it. Take a look at her blog and you'll see her work. She's the mommy of Ren and Abbie, 2 cute chihuahuas, I'm thinking to post a pic of them, but you'll have to see them by yourselves, ahhhh, she's hosting a giveaway right now, now you must have to see her blog!!!. I won the cute frame with the cardinal and the "Welcome" chart and charms, then she told me she was going to include another surprise, to be honest I was expecting only the frame and I got tons of stuff to smell yummy!!!!, I love all of it, I love all the smells, ahhhhh...., just for the record, she sent me a chocolate box, and they're already gone, scrumptions!

5 comentarios:

  1. The angel is just lovely...I can see why you love her.

  2. Hola, me llamo, Parsley.

    I saw you were Ren and Abbie's godmother and had to meet you. Great blog.

  3. Wow. Great stuff. Beautiful angel...

  4. Hi Arlette! Those are some lovely things! That angel is so pretty! I ♥ angels, too and she is a lovely one!
    Thank you for coming over to my blog to join in the blogoversary celebration! Good luck to you! That is nice that you already have a shuttle! If you win then you will have two! If/when you learn to tat you will learn that you can never have enough shuttles! LOL!
    Good luck to you in the drawing!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  5. Olá Arlete! Obrigada (gracias) pelo seu comentário. O seu blogue é bonito. Faz belos trabalhos manuais (eu não sei fazer). Onde posso ver sua coleção de dedais? Beijos


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